I may as well bitch about it too…

//It’s not even that I mind being a beta. I just wish they’d asked, or at the very least warned me first. How about an official message letting us know what the new features are rather than forcing us to trip up on em on our own, wondering how the hell this thing is supposed to work? Better yet, here’s a thought: Ask us, you know, the USERS, what features we want in stead of wildly guessing and trying to turn Tumblr into a social network instead of a blogging platform. It’s not hard to tell really, we keep hacking them in. Add THOSE features. Tumblr users are pretty damn vocal about saying what upgrades we’d like to see, maybe try listening? 

But no seriously, this bothers me. Do they think we create and use add-ons like Missing E just to spite them? We do it because it adds something to the experience. Believe me Tumblr staff, if I could get those features officially, I’d choose to. Compatibility issues and Missing E’s less than stable nature make it far less than ideal, but it’s still better than blundering about without those useful, and logical, options. 

Would it be that inconceivable to actually ask us what we want? Hell, just throw a poll up in the side bar letting us vote in features we want. And then TELL US WHEN THEY ARE IMPLEMENTED. As a whole, Tumblr users are a bit more tech savvy than the Facebook and Twitter crowd. We’ll be understanding about the need to beta test things. We just want to be clued in. News flash: You don’t actually have a site without us. Probably best not to alienate us.