"Okay what the hell? These hallucinations are getting freakin’ weird…"

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"Hey. You there. Giant eyeball thing. I like your style. Can't say I dig the color scheme, but to each his own."


We̸ kņów̷ you well̴,̸ ̵K͠i͡s̴hin̷ ́A͡su͘r̶a.̷ Yòur ͞act͝ions ̴pl̀e͢a̛se̡ ́us gre͜a̵tly. ҉On̨l̵y thŕo̧ug̀h̶ ̸m̴adn͡es̨s c͟an ͟m͟ín͞d̵s twìsted by ̴ord͢er̡ s̵e҉e t̕h̸e̴ ͞t̷r͟u͡th́ ̧w̕i͞th̛i̧n͢ ch̡ao̸s.̵..͝

"See everybody?" To whom he was announcing was not entirely clear. "The giant lich eating eyeball monster agrees with me. That totally means I’m right."


Takes a few nervous glances around.

"More of a traveler actually, just my method of travelling doesn’t tell me where i will end up. Not the best but better then being stuck in one place for all eternity."

"Sounds like you’ve got a few bugs to work out, kid. Have you considered a GPS? I hear they’re pretty handy at helping the lost find their way. Better than most religions, anyway." 

The side of his mouth jumped up, eyes narrowing in a leering grin. “It’s a joke, get it? Laugh.” 

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"DWMA? oh OH!"

He smack his forehead once before looking back and his ashamed look is quickly replaced with fear.

"U-uh, your th-the Kishin?"

"The one and only. Last time checked anyway. Are you a student? Or is there some other reason you’re wandering around the desert? Casinos are back East a little ways."

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                                   Thin lips part to expel a quiet sigh, f i e r y
                                   emeralds looming over pallid features in a
                                   soft brush - over.( What a silly thing to say. )


                                                      ❝—Oh really

"Yes really. Do you doubt my power?” Said with a teasing smirk, and a nip at her lips. Silly girl. 

bronzeguardian asked:
"Maybe because the things are made of your actual skin?" Snerks. "It's a gift, Spooky. You don't have to return the favor. Though, there is one thing about that. Look closely. It's enchanted. Not that you really need it, but hey- electricity resistance."

"Freakin’ sweet. I’m gonna go stick my finger in a light socket." It was unclear if he was or was not joking. 

A a teen boy comes up looking confused.

"Um Excuse me. could you tell me where i am?"

Another lost NOT student? Death should really think about providing them with better maps… 

"Earth. Nevada. The DWMA. In my way. How specific do you really want me to get here?"

bronzeguardian asked:
"He was actually a bit reluctant about it, but he agreed when I explained." Fluffy penguin snuggles! "Most people don't have a guardian complex and the impulse to try to fight everyone's battles for them even though they can take care of themselves. My way of dealing with my neuroticism; give them blades made from my fangs so in a way I am protecting them, but they can still fight their own battles."

"I will make sure to stab a couple guys with it, just for you. I could repay the favor with a scarf, but the last time I offered somebody one, they got really creeped out about it. Not sure why…"

ninetailedragon asked:
(okay, i just wanted to check and are submits okay?)

//I prefer RPing through normal posted threads, but submissions are fine to get started =}


                                      Lithe pallid digits coiled around the hem 

                                   that consisted of cerise fiber, while atramentous
                                   optics flickered off to fixate on a  d e s u l t o r y
                                   backdrop. The smaller  reveled  within his grasp,
                                   thin lips pressing a quick kiss to his paled cheek
                                              in return before offering a nod. 


                                                    ❝ Always is an overstatement. 

"How rude," he pretended to pout, flicking her forehead gently with a scarf. "I never lie. And I almost mostly never overstate. Don’t sass the gods, girl. I’ll have to punish you."

ninetailedragon asked:
(quick question. i want to RP but i don't know if i follow all you rules, i just don't want to be bothering you. my muse doesn't come from any fandom so i wanted to know if that was okay.)

//My fandom, other fandom, multi-fandom, no fandom—I don’t care in the least. As long as you’re literate, respectful, try to follow my rules, and keep me interested, I’ll RP with anyone. 

bronzeguardian asked:
"Nah, not really. It was voluntary. Has Boss cut out all of my fangs and my front claws and some scales to make presents for my closest friends. Here, by the way. Didn't think you of all people would have much use for a knife or sword." Fusses about trying to pull a cord from around his chubby penguin neck. Necklace with a dragon fang charm!

"That sounds uh…well frankly pretty sucking gruesome. Bet Stitches got a kick outta that. I’d guess the puns alone were worth the price of admission." Looking at the necklace, he took it with a scarf, holding it up for closer inspection before slipping it on.

"Ya know, when most people say ‘now you can keep a piece of me with you’, they don’t mean it literally." 

//Good lord I forgot how freakin’ fast this dash moves 

Also loling my ass off, cause I must seem like the most terribly OoC Asura ever to you new peeps. I promise I can do canon too! This asshole has just been around a loooong time. 


F L O P S on the Kishin. 

       loves on. 


                 ❝—You’re right. 

"Of course I’m right," he purred, kissing her heated cheek. "I’m a god, remember? I’m always right~"

bronzeguardian asked:
"Nothing much. Enjoying shifting, again, now that I've got my energy back. Healing really takes the charge out of your batteries, so to speak." Fluffs up. Puffy penguin!

"Healing? Did I uh, miss something?" FLUFFY PENGUINO!