”Filthy human, says the demon who made me have a half demon child.”

"Did you just…insult our baby?" 

//Okay, crappy depression feeling is back, which I have learned to take as my cue to sleep it off. So toodles. 

//I gotta 600 page book of demon stories.

This pleases me.

karkats-plush-ass asked:
i like the rainbow ones they're really pretty

"Why do you have these? What is their purpose?" 

karkats-plush-ass asked:
Oh i can fix that *takes out a plastic one* here

"I like this one much better."

scythe-meister-maka-albarn asked:
Grumbles and sits on. "People make me angry. I don't like people."

"Beat them up and steal their lunch money." Kisses forehead. 

karkats-plush-ass asked:
nooo a slinky here *hands him it*

Slinks the slinky. “I don’t like the sound it makes.”

Anonymous asked:
Green and black, yellow, red~ rub your belly pat your head~ corner edges middle part~ close one eye before you start~ nine time backwards,sideways, round~ open stores you'v never found~ key flys in without a sound ~ leopard whiskers color gold~ let the lie escape your throat~ circus dances open rode's~ seal the spell there must be blood~ dalatatood or longatood~ solve the puzzle tur the key~ bleed a bit and then fly free~hold you courage pumpkin dear~ one shoe off the way is clear~.

"What the…hell?" 

Alarm and confusion. 

kishinofmadness asked:
"I saw something about 'getting hard' and best friend. Something you wanna explain there, Stitches?"


"Leider habe ich nicht Englisch sprechen."

"I don’t care. Get naked." ((pretend it’s in German. Like hell I can translate anything into a language i don’t speak))



Her Imperious Condescension~ Homestuck

I finally completed her! I drew this a while back, and after a few days of being at work with nothing to do, I finished it. There are a few things I would still tweak, but then I would never be done XG 

Condy belongs to homestuck, but this art piece and rendering of her belongs to marieartcorner. Please do not use, reupload, or alter without the permission of the artist. 

Reblogging because awesome Homestuck art and 4/13.

Do you ever eat something, and it’s not bad, but it’s also not good, so you’re just kinda sitting there chewing like…yep. That definitely, definitely exists. 

alwayswatching-neversleeping asked:
A stack of photos wrapped in a bow has been placed on the coffee table. A small tag attached reads simply "Asura ~♥". ((Just check the last zillion or so image posts on my blog. XD))


"Somebody’s been playing with the camera~"